November-December, 2007

November 26th--Home--Ever since I got my latest phone, I have been randomly snapping pictures with it while on the road.  I obviously prefer to use my Digital Rebel for quality photographs, but oftentimes, it is inconvenient.  So...I have been dumping off these little pictures and realized that they are probably going to be relegated to oblivion.  So...I thought I might start a new segment:

Images From the Road by Stephen's Camera Phone.

Some examples have already been used below in the blog.  Most of the time, I snap shots of inspirational sunsets or sunrises.  But other times, it could be a person, or a rainbow, or just whatever... Here are a few examples over the past weeks:


must have been running late...

don't see tanks on the highway very often...

photos from Stephen's camera phone


November 24th--The Kitchen Pass--Joplin, MO--Most years, we follow up our annual rock show in Parsons with a show at the sister venue in Joplin.  Let me regress a bit and talk about the food at the KP.  The KP menu is one of my all-time favorites.  The fare is as good as it gets anywhere.  So...not only do we gorge over the Thanksgiving Thursday, but since our tummies are stretched and ready...we get to continue the barrage for at least three meals at the KP over Friday and Saturday.  To gain twenty pounds in the three days is not unusual.  We have a chance to completely work it all off during the concert portion of our trip, though.  Despite the fact that brothers operate the two KPs in Parsons and Joplin, and despite the shared name...there is definitely a difference in the two venues.  Quite a bit more effort goes into making the Joplin show, but the appreciation from the fans is no less equal.  Our new CD "The Trio" sold well at both locations.   It is a nice gesture for fans to ask for autographs.  We will not mistake ourselves as overtly famous, but it is a great feeling to be asked.  We will never turn down those requests just so you know. 


November 23rd--Home--Considering the 8th Annual Parsons, KS, post-Thanksgiving rock show it occurred to me that for 8 consecutive years, I have left the Arkansas-LSU football game at least by the start of the 4th quarter for 8 years straight.  Some years, the game is decided by then.  However, most years, the Hogs and Tigers are locked in a battle royale til the end.  This year was no exception.  The LSU Tigers were ranked #1 in the country coming into the game in Baton Rouge.  My seemingly hapless Razorbacks were unranked and destined to flounder into the offseason with a 7-5 record amidst internal squabbles and a divided fan base.  I am a "die-never" fan of the Razorbacks and despite my disdain for the off-field troubles, I was looking for hope.  The Hogs took the powerful Tigers into 3 overtimes and emerged victorious in what could be labeled as the greatest game for the Razorbacks in their storied history. 50-48 Razorbacks!  I will let the historians decide, but it was one that I witnessed through the end of regulation and listened on the road through the overtime periods.  As our rock show on the Friday after Thanksgiving has become tradition in Parsons, KS, so is the time spent with family and friends over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Not only to watch my beloved Razorbacks, but to share our lives and actually give thanks for all that we have.  Never to take it for granted.  I hope you all received the same blessings.

Here's my brother and I rooting on the Razorbacks...

Full-bellied revelers (by Stephen's camera phone)


November 23rd--The Kitchen Pass--Parsons, KS--The EIGHTH Annual Day-After-Thanksgiving rock show at the KP in Parsons.  Hard to believe it has been that many years for this event.  We ALWAYS love performing at the KP in Parsons.  Darwin and the whole crew up there treat us fabulously, the new stage rules, as does the new PA system.  The crowds there are always enthusiastic and appreciative. So much so, that we are already looking forward to returning.  I suppose the only drawback to this might be the sleeping accommodations.  The old Parsonian Hotel is where we take refuge after the show.  It is literally reeking with history.  Please don't get us wrong...we appreciate what the Parsons version of the KP does for us beyond any other.  However, the Parsonian Hotel could use a little TLC.  Rod and I timed the elevator.  7 minutes to travel to the fourth floor.  I think there might be some sort of black mold about, too.  I woke from a restless sleep congested beyond repair.  The room heating unit either left you sweating or akin to hanging middle ground. was a bed and a hot shower, so no real complaints.  Here's a postcard photo of the Parsonian:

The Parsonian (by Stephen's camera phone)


November 16th--Roosters--Fort Smith, AR--The late night crowd has been described before in the newsletter.  I have always wondered how those folks really felt the next day after leaving the clubs at 4am.  Saturday must be devoted to recovery I suppose.  I know it is for us musicians, but it is because we work so very hard for our 5-hour show.  Taking a bit of a toll as we grow a little older, but it is no less a thrill to perform than it was years ago.  So...we carry on. 


November 10th--Max's Garage--Muskogee, OK--This is a nice club.  It took a bit for the locals to get into the live music.  I think they were a little distracted by the OU and OSU football games that were flanking the stage, but as the night wound along, Oreo Blue pwned the revelers.  Joining us was a long time fan and photographer Glenna who is so kind to deliver photos to us.  The package she brought this time were a mixed bag from the last time we were in Muskogee along with some pics from nearly 11 years ago from Bricktown in OKC!  So...she has been following the band for quite some time.  Thanks!  I will post them as soon as I get them scanned to digital...


these photos by Tiffany Williams

Speaking of I posted in our MySpace Blog, There are 268 photos on the Oreo Blue MySpace page.  That's a lot.  There are literally thousands at in Fifty Seven (57) Galleries!!!  Soon...I will be taking a few of the older photos off line.  It will be a sad day for sure.  I have been posting photos and newsletters at since May 11, 2000.  I would be scared to count the number of entries to the newsletter or the amount of photos, but it's time for some of them to be written off into history. clear up some storage space on the ole servers.  So...for some sick, sick reason you want to download any of the old Oreo Blue photos, NOW would be a great time to do it.  I suspect the older galleries will be pulled off line by December...  Old pictures like this one:

or this one:

or this one:

Where's the gray?


November 3rd--University of Central Arkansas Tailgate Party--Conway, AR--Special thanks to Lanny Beavers, Southern Sports Media, Annidale Sound, and Rock City Staging for helping put on this first-ever tailgate concert at UCA.  We started this sort of thing at the UA in Fayetteville last season and from all accounts, it was a success.  We began calling it the MOAT (Mother Of All Tailgates) and guaranteed a great concert performance.  Well...the brilliant marketing arm over at the UA decided he wanted to go a "different direction" with the central tailgating effort.  What ended up happening was that...well...nothing happened.  So...we took our show to Conway to the welcoming arms of the UCA Purple Bears.  The event was lightly attended due to some missed opportunities in advertising, but those that came were floored over such a grand production.  The UCA band even came over for an impromptu accompaniment of our rendition of Sweet Home Alabama. (never knew why people in Arkansas love that song so much). We had a great time until...

...The Drive Home.  Yikes.  My truck hates the band trailer and on our way home from Conway, he (my truck) made some awful noises.  It seemed to sound like the whole axle was being ground right off the chassis.  We managed to make it to Fort Smith in one piece, but my truck is still in the shop a week and a half later.  Bummer. 

Anyway...HendrixBear took some photos of the tailgate at UCA.  Here are a few.


photos by HendrixBear courtesy of Lanny Beavers


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