May-June, 2001

June 30th--Two Frogs Grill--Ardmore, OK--I have to admit that I may be running out of accolades for this venue as it is a mainstay of the Oreo Blue favorite spots.  The food, the people, the hospitality, and (this time) the weather.  This weekend, we put about 14 hours on the road from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon and admittedly, we were a bit tired by the time it was all over.  However, nothing was going to stop us from putting on the best show possible for the anxious crowd at Two Frogs.  We like the place so much, the band penned the "Two Frogs Boogie" on the road from Texarkana to Ardmore due for live delivery in the very near future.  Needing to acknowledge so many, thanks to Aubrey and Angela for their ever-unusual hospitality (hope Angela gets to feeling better), to the gang from Bill & Barbs for bringing a crowd, to the folks at Broadway Conoco for fixing up the Expedition and the nice chit-chat, to the fine people of Ardmore, and to that Apple Dumpling that topped off my supper (my belt seemed a little tighter that night for some reason....)


June 29th--Private Party--Texarkana, AR--Being a high energy rocking blues band, we often find it a creative challenge when performing in a Southern-Style Country Club for dressed-up party goers.  No sweat, though.  Oreo Blue is well equipped for moments such as these as it becomes the party chameleons of renown in the region.  Performances in venues such as these may include jazz standards, soft rock, classical, mellow mood music, 50's rock and roll, classic rock, blues, and pop.  Oreo Blue covers it all and often times may do whatever it takes to please the crowd regardless of their listening preference.  


June 15-16th--George's Majestic Lounge--Fayetteville, AR--Back at home base again.  The weather was perfect for a show out at the Garden.  Friday night, although a bit sparse, was highlighted by a chipper crowd and some fine dancing.  Some new kids on the block performed indoors for the first time, the TJ Scarlett Band and seemed worthy and ready.  Saturday night was a bit more intense with the salty Jungle Bush Beaters indoors and a bit larger crowd.  The Oreo Blue show rocked on as usual winning over at least a dozen new fans who personally approached me with "I have never seen anything like you guys!  That was the best show I have ever seen.  That sax player is awesome!  And your guitar player rules!"  Taking advantage of the JBB performing indoors with Tommy Payton on bass, we knew we could get some of that vocal healing from his wife and Oreo Blue family member, Chris Payton.  She was a captive audience and thus, so were we.


June 9th--Issac and Kelly's Wedding--Ft. Smith, AR-- Congratulations to you both on your union and many wishes for your future from Oreo Blue.  Good luck, also, to Will King on your drumming career.  Thanks for the help on our second me if you need some more sticks!


June 9th (my birthday!)--Online--Once again, as a result of some very enthusiastic reviews from members, another Oreo Blue track, Long Gone, will be featured as Track of the Day at their site on June 16th.  You can find it here:


June 8th--Rooster's Blues Bar--Ft. Smith, AR--After performing from 6-8pm at the aforementioned concert, the band was admittedly tired and heat exhausted.  This was no deterrent to putting on a great show for the small, but appreciative crowd at Rooster's.  It was a disappointment to see so few folks out at a club with such a bright history as Rooster's.  Maybe someday we will see it return to its former glory...until then, let Karaoke have it....

Brian kicking open Heaven's Door

June 8th--Concert at the Riverport Amphitheatre--Ft. Smith, AR--Despite the heat, the show brought over a thousand folks out to see the band and contribute to a worthy cause, the Children's Shelter of Ft. Smith.  What seemingly could have been a lackluster event with no one in attendance, turned out to be a  great show.  Some 10 minutes prior to show-time, there were no more than a dozen people in the new amphitheatre sweltering in the late afternoon sun.  However, five minutes to show-time and the place was packed!  The show was highlighted by a few nice renditions of some Oreo Blue classics mixed in well with some classic Gary solos and Brian tearing up the first ten rows of people with solos on All Along the Watchtower and Knocking on Heaven's Door.


June 7th--Gulley Park Summer Concert Series--Fayetteville, AR--The weather was fantastic for the show this time and the turnout was better than expected for the rain-date show at the park.  Reiterating statements made from last year's Gazebo Tour, this series allows Oreo Blue to perform in front of new audiences of younger and older fans that would normally not be patrons of the raucous and smoky night clubs.  It is a real blessing to see young children from two to 15 dancing their hearts out to our music.  There is a real art to the 5-year-old's way of shaking to Wooly Bully and if Delbert McLinton were dead, he would roll over in his grave after witnessing teenagers slam-dancing to his music!  Playing the CITP is reminiscent to some of us of our younger days where we would set up in the living room and practice rock-and-roll cover songs for your family and friends.  Yeah, the band would hit a clam or two, but it seemed so forgiving.  The audience was familiar and you could chit-chat with them after the show and make excuses...  Only the guys in the band would have a problem with it and hope it wouldn't happen at the next performance.  So goes the Concert in the Park.  

Stephen and his shadows helping out...

Keep your eyes peeled for new images to be added to the photos page.  I am awaiting some fan pics by folks who attended the show.  If any of you have photos you would like to see on this website, please just e-mail or snail mail them to us at the contact information listed elsewhere.  


June 2nd--The Eureka House of Blues--Eureka Springs, AR--Blues Festival--Last year, Oreo Blue was privy to a most memorable show to a packed house during the early slot at HOB.  This year, the band was invited back to play the headline slot for the HOB during the Blues Festival.  No doubt, the show this year eclipsed even the high points of last year's show.  Some of the folks from last year's show had waited a whole year just to see the band again at this venue.  They were not disappointed, and neither was Oreo Blue.  Many of the entries in this newsletter comment on the ability of the band to draw upon energies from the crowd.  This phenomenon which packages adrenaline, spirit, soul, energy, passion, and about a dozen other emotions should have a name.  It is a phenomenon that transcends performances by musicians, athletes, public speakers, actors, and lovers.  Has anyone seen Gladiator?  Remember when the lead character was told to "win the crowd and you cannot be defeated?"  Like a great athlete who can jump a little higher when the crowd is cheering, like a preacher whose words become more powerful when he sees the weakness in the eyes of his congregation, and like lovers who draw from the stars, the spring flowers, and a soft candlelight to enhance their moment.  A musician generally enters into a performance because of the joy of performing.  However, as music was meant to be heard, the musician will supplant this personal endeavor when exposed to an appreciative listener.  The listeners this night were more than appreciative and Oreo Blue in turn is indebted to them for allowing us to perform beyond our means.


June 1st--The Kitchen Pass--Parsons, KS--The weather was beautiful driving to Kansas, but there are distinct reasons why I chose not to reside in Kansas.  A long time ago, 1939 I believe, there was a movie that was released called The Wizard of Oz.  The movie starts off with a tornado that sweeps Dorothy into the land of Oz.  A tornado...a tornado!  I mean, A TORNADO!  Well, anyway, the Southeast Kansas region was under tornado watches this evening, and I, for one, was a bit nervous about having no where to run.  Did anybody see Twister?  On to the show...

The show went well once again aided in no small part by the wonderful folks in Parsons.  This place is like a second home for Oreo Blue and the best part about performing at the Kitchen Pass under a tornado watch is that the locals stay calm and assure us that everything will be o.k.  The show was highlighted by Gary's delightful "solo" rendition of Dueling Banjos dubbed affectionately as Dueling Morons...


June 1st--On-Line--Check this review of Nobody Knows from the Prescription for the Blues CD...

May 31st--Gulley Park Concert--Fayetteville--Show Cancelled Due to Rain--The make up show will be next Thursday, June 7th at 7:00pm.  Oreo Blue apologizes on behalf of God for the inclement weather.  We look forward to seeing you next week.  Remember the show is FREE and family oriented, so bring your kids, your lawn chairs, your dog (no cats), your bucket of chicken, sunscreen, and a big smile.  


Special Insert--May 24th--Home--On Tuesday, our dear friend, Chris Payton, lost her father.  Our sincerest condolences go out to her and her family and rest assured that you are in our prayers.


May 19th--BB's Lawnside BBQ--Kansas City, MO--Show Cancelled.  After such a great night in Joplin, we were looking forward to entertaining the folks in KC and eating some of that scrumptious BBQ.  We had not been to KC in a while and we missed it.  Unfortunately, the old Rock and Roll Suburban hit the deck like Lennox Lewis and never answered the bell.  Oreo Blue apologizes to our fans who were looking forward to the show and we hope to see you at a rescheduled show soon.

May 18th--The ByPass--Joplin, MO--Once again, one of our favorite venues comes to high praises by the band.  Always the attentive crowd, the Joplinites witnessed, by our assessment, a strong show with strong performances by all.  The mix was sounding great and with high emotional strain, every note seemed to flood out of our instruments as if there was no tomorrow.  Being hindered by a plethora of setbacks earlier in the day ranging from missed phone calls to flat tires, it was most likely a welcomed relief to hit the stage.  The band was joined on stage by Gary's old band-mate, Steve Duncan who jumped in with a shuffling rendition of Honey Hush.  Nice job, Steve.  Oh....and did I mention the Chicken and Friends dinner?  Whew, I love that stuff.  You have to go to the ByPass and have the food.  Not only do they have the best entertainment north of the border, but they also have the best food west of the Mississippi.


May 12th--Pleasant Grove High School Prom--Texarkana, TX--It had been quite some time since any of the band members had performed at a high school prom.  After losing the air-conditioner in the rock-n-roll suburban earlier in the day, the outlook was dim.  The long, hot trip down highway 71 drew visions of what might have been...a rock and blues band performing at a high school prom in 2001?  Would the kids dig the mature sounds of Oreo Blue?  Who knew?  From the first note, the well cultured high schoolers got down and absolutely rocked to the band and to the music twenty years their senior.  They showed their mettle by singing along to classic rock tunes by BTO, AC/DC, the Commodores, the Beatles, Wild Cherry, and Van Morrison (thanks to a little help from Jordan out of the audience).  Many of the bands who originally performed these songs were disbanded years before these kids were born.  No matter...a great time was had by all.  The members of Oreo Blue wish all the best to the attendees of this years' Prom and appreciate you letting us be a part of your celebration.  Good luck Hawks!  


May 11th--On-Line--Home--I am beginning to like this stuff.  It looks as if Oreo Blue is once again gaining accolades from the site members.  The song, Look At Me, was boosted in two categories this week as Best Melody and Best Female Vocalist (see below...didn't I tell you?  There was not a category for tambourinist, but I will write them and mention it.)  The attachments below show Oreo Blue's mention on  Log in and check it out.  Review some music and you could win CDs.  When an Oreo Blue song comes on, give it up and drop us a line to let us know you were there.


  for Best Female Vocalist for Best Melody


May 5th--Cinco De Mayo @ Rio Bravo--Fayetteville, Arkansas--Without our esteemed bandleader, Brian, at the helm (we in the band are terribly sorry for your family emergency and hope all is well), we three in the rhythm section pulled together a surprisingly energetic and fun-filled set at the Cinco De Mayo celebration.  Of course, we had a lot of help from the best female vocalist on either side of the Mississippi, Chris Payton.  All of the standard renditions were covered and a grand time was had by all.  I am sure that damage was done to my voice trying to bail out Chris on that AC/DC thing, but it was sure fun trying.  I knew all those years spent screaming along with the car stereo had to lead to something productive.  As usual, it was a pleasure to have Chris grace us with her unmatched vocal skills (and she can "work" that tambourine, if you know what I mean!).  Rod's solo on Brick House was killer!  I think we have a new shtick for the gig...10 minute bass solos on the funky stuff.  My derriere is still shakin'.  Cool breeze on the patio, great eats, cool people, great music, and an SVT case full of humor was had at the show.  Happy Cinco De Mayo!  Yes, Cinco De Mayo! Gary...what day was it?


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