December, 2000


December 31st--The ByPass--Joplin, Missouri--Happy New Year, indeed!!!  What a wonderful crowd and what a wonderful time everyone had at the The ByPass.  Those of you who missed the show...well...I hope that what you did to bring in the new year was as satisfying and energetic as this show.  Let's just say...nobody was seriously injured.  For starters, the weather held off long enough to allow the sold out crowd to make it to the show on time.  Despite the icy conditions (you should have seen Brian navigate the Suburban and trailer over the ice mounds!!!), everyone was prompt and ready to go.  What this wonderful crowd witnessed to help them usher in the new year included, but was not limited to:  A Baritone Saxophone, A Teeny-Tiny Guitar, a Baritone Guitar, Fire, A Battle Between Chainsaws and Power Drills, The Spirit of Jimi Hendrix, Chill Bumps, Fire, Dancing, Smashing, Fire, Awesome Grooves, Improvisation, and Fire.  Look for photos and videos coming soon and thanks for a great year.

Thanks to Eric Johnson and his wife for traveling from Jonesboro, Arkansas to run the sound and lights.  Fayetteville's club scene will miss his services as he re-locates to Alabama. 

December 25th--Merry Christmas from Oreo Blue!

December 16th--International Paper Christmas Party --Texarkana, Texas--Braving the oncoming blizzard and the torrential road conditions on Hwy 71 South, Oreo Blue made its way to Texarkana to rock the IP folks into holiday cheer.  We would like to thank those folks for inviting us and we hope you all have a merry holiday.  (and thanks for the cool hat)

December 9th--Cargill Christmas Party--Rogers, Arkansas--Oreo Blue would like to thank the guests who survived Jack the Magician and stayed for our show.  Those who did were wonderful up to the end and made our evening special as well.  It was nice to see the effervescent Morris Clarkson at the piano to warm up the show.  Still going after some 70 years tickling the ivories.  Thanks to Cargill for letting us be part of your celebration and thanks to the staff at Pinnacle Country Club for showing such interest.    

December 1st--George's Majestic Lounge--Fayetteville, Arkansas--O.K., you all know how we feel about performing at home is just comfortable.  Unfortunately, sometimes being comfortable can appear complacent.  Our esteemed bandleader made a comment after this show, "You know, Stephen, I can't imagine another band anywhere that works harder than we do.  We might even be givin' James Brown a run for his money when it comes to workin' hard!"  Considering I was on the verge of collapse from exhaustion at the end of the night, sweating like a pig on a slaughter track, blisters under my calluses, and gasping for the last bits of oxygen in room filled with smoke from the packed room...I had no cause to disagree.  Musical style aside, Oreo Blue has always revered a band for non-musically tangible elements such as professionalism, energy, passion, and work ethic.  Oreo Blue certainly adheres to following these elemental guidelines which oftentimes results in a performance in which the sum is evidently greater than the parts.  Accolades such as 'you guys are great', and 'your the best band I have ever heard', seem to come and go and are modestly appreciated.  However, after shows like tonight, we hear comments like, "I just wanted to thank you for giving me an experience I will never forget" and "I have never heard anything like this before in my life...everybody needs to see you guys.  They won't believe it until they hear it!"  These comments seem so much more subjective and heartfelt.  Oreo Blue would also collectively like to thank three new fans in particular for giving us the motivation to perform over three hours with only one short break.

On another note, thanks to Catfish John's in Rogers, Arkansas for such a fine meal during the pre-show ritual.  Breaking from the traditional dinner at AQ Chicken, Oreo Blue drove up to Catfish John's for the best tastin' catfish West of the Mississippi.  Great Blues Food! 


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