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OK...after all these years, I am finally getting to put some video links up on oreoblue.com.  Most of these will be hosted elsewhere (MySpace, Youtube, etc.) so if the links fail then it will have been due to that server pulling the file or some other reason.  In any case, some of these are pretty fun.  I will try to give brief explanations for each clip where appropriate and the contributor's information.  Thanks!


Gary performing in Dallas with the legendary Redd Volkaert.  Two videos here.



April 25, 2010.  Oreo Blue featuring Kirby Kelley at the ByPass in Joplin.  Video by ShacklesProduction (Josh Shackles)


Here is a fun video collage done by a fan from Germany featuring Brian Crowne's take on Knocking on Heaven's Door.



Description:  2003 Oreo Blue Experience, A Jimi Hendrix Tribute DVD filmed in Fayetteville, Arkansas. This is track 7, Voodoo Child. Gary Hutchison (g, v), Brian Crowne (sax), Stephen Boudreaux (d), Rod Williamson (b) (more to come)


Oreo Blue--Voodoo Child (From Hendrix Tribute DVD)





Description:  From our 2003 release, The Oreo Blue Experience--A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix. Track two from the DVD, Them Changes. A song by Buddy Miles...Buddy Miles...Buddy Miles. Gary Hutchison (guitar), Brian Crowne (sax), Stephen Boudreaux (vocal, drums), Rod Williamson (Fender bass). This track was almost a scratch from the project as the hard drive recorder had a time stamp click. Famous engineer, Terry Aldafer, an Arkansan now in Nashville, helped Brian clean the track and get it ready for release. The track is good, but is thin in places as a result of the cleaning. However, it remains popular at our shows. Oreo Blue--Them Changes--From the Hendrix Tribute DVD

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Description:  This song was featured on our 2003 release, The Oreo Blue Experience--A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix. It is called "Stratto Strut" and was part of a rehersal recording done by Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Miles...Buddy Miles...Buddy Miles. that was recently released to the public. As far as we know, Oreo Blue was the first band to ever cover this song on a recording. Oreo Blue -- Stratto Strut -- From the Hendrix Tribute DVD

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Description:  This is from our 2003 release, The Oreo Blue Experience--A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix. The only original composition on the tribute DVD. The song was performed live on stage, but considering a tuning problem, the song was re-cut in the studio and on the DVD release it was accompanied by a photo montage. A beautiful song written by Gary Hutchison in tribute to Jimi Hendrix. This version is the studio camera view. Later, I will post the photo montage version. Oreo Blue -- "Us" -- From Hendrix DVD, A Gary Hutchison Original

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A little about the video below...while performing at the KBBF in Helena, AR, in 2001, we were featured in a French Film Documentary about Robert Johnson and the legend of the Crossroads.  This clip was our portion of the film.  Gary tears it up for the film crew and Brian and Gary offer some nice insights into what they might do with the lost 30th song...enjoy.

Oreo Blue @ King Biscuit Blues Festival 2001



Oreo Blue - Two Frogs Boogie from Ten Down Live



Here is a brief clip from a buddy from Hogville whose moniker is RedRiverHog.  This is from the BBBBQ Festival in 2006.  It was a little hard to tell at first, but the clip is during the solo by guest keyboardist, TJ Erhardt from the Nace Brothers Band on the song, Changes by Buddy Miles (Band of Gypsies)



Here's the full clip of the show finale...(hey Gary...buy a tuner!)